RECA Board Meeting
Monday, May 20, 2024
7:30pm to 8pm
Swing into Summer RECA Party
Saturday, June 1, 2024
3pm to 5pm
Swing into Summer RECA Party Join your friends and neighbors to celebrate the beginning of Summer. Bring a dish to share and BYOB. RECA will provide lawn games & activities...

Annual Dues

Be a part of your community by supporting the 2024 RECA annual dues collection. Your dues support fun neighborhood activities, maintaining common spaces, and gives our neighborhood representation in the broader Mount Vernon Civic Associations.
Thank you to those RECA residents who have already paid. If you haven’t yet paid, be on the lookout for a call, note or visit from your Block Captain or RECA Board Member who will be reaching out to collect. RECA dues are only $35/annually per residence.
Payment Options
  • Visit www.RECA-INC.com, select “register”, access your “profile”, select “renew membership dues”.
  • Contact your block captain
  • Mail/drop a check payable to ‘RECA’ or cash to membership chair: Scott McClure, 8334 Bound Brook Lane
Questions? Contact Membership Chair, Scott McClure at: membership@reca-inc.com.

Get Involved

RECA is your association. We have a great lineup of 2024 activities, and we want you to be a part of this year’s success. Many opportunities only take an hour or two to help. Jump in, be part of bringing our community together. 
We need help with some of the adult/children’s ideas we’ve received from you. Want to start a game night, get a walking group going, organize a book club, do a scavenger hunt—what’s stopping you? Reach out to Rachael (rcilladi@gmail.com) to discuss opportunities and how to get started.

Block captains are needed to help for 2-3 hrs. a quarter and can work around your schedule. Email Scott McClure (membership@reca-inc.com) to get involved.

VOLUNTEER TODAY for one of the following locations: 3124-3403 Battersea; 8301-8314/8517-8606 Bound Brook; 8301-8321/8324-8418 Cherry Valley; 8323-8335/8339-8362 Orange Court; and 8309-8315 Ramsgate Court; 3400-3415/3427-3434 Ramsgate Terrace. NOTE: You do not need to live on the street to volunteer as the Block Captain.


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Neighborhood Alert

Neighborhood Alert – Speed Remediation Project
The RECA Transportation Committee has been working with V-DOT to study speeding on Battersea Lane. The speed limit is 25mph but a recent study by V-DOT showed that the average speed is nearly 35mph and they recommended RECA take action to remediate the speed on this main Riverside Estates thoroughfare. For more details on this study and recommendations, please email RECA Transportation Chair, Marcel Rousseau at transportation@reca-inc.com.