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RECA Annual Meeting November 21, 2019 
Posted on Dec 31st, 2019

RECA Annual Meeting November 21, 2019 
Board Member Attendees: Tom Myers, Steve Kuhn, Cecilia Franceski, Kyndell Hatjis, Scott McClure, Judy Joyce, Dean Sherrick, Paul Evans, Bobbi Bruce, Dale Moore 
Absent: Judith McNelis, Bob Reynolds 
Vacant Positions: Education, Planning/Zoning, Transportation 
Called to Order 7:03 
VP, Steve Kuhn provided an overview of President, Bob Reynolds’ notes: 
  •         Three members of the current Executive Board (President, Vice President and Treasurer) cannot run again next year because their term limits have been exceeded; looking for volunteers to step up.
  •        Curb Painting – entire neighborhood will be painted, those who do not want their curb painted should contact Dale Moore, the RECA Webmaster, via email or through the website.      
  •        Each RE residence must pay dues – renters and owners should pay dues annually. Dues of $35 per year may be paid to your block captain, Membership Chair Scott McClure, or may be paid through website.   
  •        Neighbors raised concerns about Trash Trucks in the neighborhood too early in the morning and too many trucks coming nearly every day, many which are speeding. Neighbors asked Board to look into the possibility of narrowing down companies servicing the neighborhood. Consolidating service providers may provide the potential benefits of less noise and safer streets. May be difficult to encourage residents to switch companies.  
  •        Thanks to all for helping to maintain covenants over the summer. 
  •        Bob is beginning  his last year as President  of Civic association, RECA is looking for volunteers to get involved and participate. Next year we will establish a nominating committee. RECA is looking for fresh blood.  
  •        2019 is our worst year for participation in paying dues. Unable to maintain board without sustained participation.
      -    Neighbor raised question about how block captains can track who in the neighborhood has paid. Best method is to contact Scott McClure, our Membership Chair, who can assist.  
  •        North Entry sign was damaged over the summer. Steve has taken lead with contract to replace sign. Challenges with finding appropriate contractor. Company is called “Signs By Tomorrow”. The company will replace sign first week of December.  

Cecilia Franceski, Secretary – in the year ahead the Board is focused on improving communication throughout the neighborhood. Secretary role involves recording minutes and publishing to website and Newsletter.

Tom Myers, Treasurer – pays checks and ensures all bills paid and reports on finances. Main cost is maintenance of median strip. 
       -    Neighbor raised question about cost for sign – no additional cost because the resident who damaged sign will pay for the entire cost.

Paul Evans, Covenants/Architecture control – purpose is to ensure stable and enhanced property values, common goals of maintenance within the neighborhood. All residents and guests areand bound by covenants. They run with the land and are not optional.  
  •          Common issues Paul has seen relate to (1) general appearance and property maintenance (2) Boat and RV parking; (3) installation of fencing and additions. Residents should report violations to Paul. Can do so through website or contact Paul Evans directly. Process is face-to-face if possible, then letter of violation, before escalation to Board for further action if needed.  
  • Goal is to promote a desirable place to live. RECA attempts to resolve disputes in a  peaceful manner. Small efforts go a long way.  
           o    Neighbor raised question about commercial vehicles. Advised that commercial vehicles parked in the neighborhood are included in covenants as restricted, and any issues should be directed to Paul.  

Kyndell Hatjis, Community Activities – Kyndell took over in August. Seeking ideas on how to bring neighbors together. Knitting Idea if people are interested. Ice Cream Social and Chili Cook-off were successful. Next is a PJ party and gingerbread decorating in December.  

Judy Joyce, Environmental – Judy took over in September – Was previously a Board member and has returned.  Recycling information was focus of last meeting. Provided handout and also posted to Nextdoor. 

Scott McClure, Membership – Scott coordinates Block Captains and is seeking additional volunteers. 
Working to bridge the change from publishing Directory to now posting information on the Website. Because Directory isn’t handed out, Block captains don’t have the same touch-points to solicit annual dues payment.  

Dean Sherrick, Public Safety – Dean advised of police activity in neighborhood. Individuals were attempting to remove property from car-port, resident called police and individuals were apprehended with lots of other property. Residents are encouraged to check vehicles if anything is missing to report to police. 
  •        Tuesday night pizza delivery person was robbed. Helicopter flying around was seeking perpetrator.   
  •         Two assaults in October, 1 Burglary, 4 fraud events; 10 larceny events in the last year.
  •         Many of these are crimes of opportunity. Be sure to lock possessions. Use light or motion activation sensors. We don’t have an active neighborhood walk. If neighbors see anything in the neighborhood they are encouraged to report to police non-emergency line.  
  •         Nextdoor is an means of information sharing that the County and police are using. Dean advises that individuals should be sure to report to the police before posting on Nextdoor. There have been situations in the past about “strange person” but no one ever calls police so it is not addressed.  
  •         Trucks/cars rarely come to full and complete stop. Encourage to focus on 25 MPH, especially on hills.  
  •         Winter is coming – start making preparations from preparedness perspective. Make sure you have provisions in car in case you are stuck in car.
  •          Sign up for Fairfax County alerts. Be sure to have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  
  •         All solicitors must have valid license. Call police non-emergency number if they don’t follow “no solicitation” sign or don’t have valid license.  
Neighbor raised question about speed bumps. Residents concerned about safety for children and walkers. Another resident was injured right on Battersea resulting in significant injuries due to failure to follow traffic laws. 

Dean Sherrick will look into the issue. Suggestion about installing signs on both sides of roadway “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here” which is effective. Suggestion about installing stop sign or speed bumps as found in other neighborhoods in the area.  
Dale Moore, Webmaster – Dale maintains the website. Goal of the website it to push information to all those who want to receive it, to include email, text messages. Right now we have 134 people registered on website. Please encourage all residents/neighbors to register. Always looking for ways to improve, so contact Dale with any suggestions. Website is built with the latest cybersecurity encryption features.  

General Discussion:  

Neighbor commended work of the Board in getting sidewalks straightened out. Gratitude for Richard Cauthers efforts to get sidewalks straightened out.  

Inquiry about why buses are parked every day on the side of the street. 13 buses parked on Road. Supervisor Storck has been contacted, but so far no traction.  

Neighbor has worked extensively to have a high quality hospital at Mt Vernon hospital 5-Star CMS. Encouraged neighbors who go to Mt Vernon Hospital to visit neighbor Dr. Brown.  

Neighbor advised that Mt Vernon High School football team is having a sensational year with new coach. They won first playoff game and are hosting second playoff game tomorrow night. Come out and support. Game is at 7pm 

Inquiry about how to get Gazette. Rex Reiley will contact Gazette to see about having it delivered to entire neighborhood. Christa Cook advised that all residents should be sure to pick up paper so it doesn’t wash into the Creek.  
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