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RECA DEC 2019 Meeting Minutes
Posted on Jan 9th, 2020

RECA Monthly Meeting December 16, 2019
Attendees: Cecilia Franceski, Kyndell Hatjis, Tom Myers, Steve Kuhn, Scott McClure, Judy Joyce, Dean Sherrick, Paul Evans, Bob Reynolds, Tony Cochran, Dale Moore
Absent: Bobbi Bruce, Judith McNelis, Earl Flanagan, Jeanette Kranak
Vacant Positions: All filled!
Called to Order 7:44
Board Approval:
·         November minutes and annual meeting minutes approved.
·         Transportation Director removed from position.
·         Board unanimously approves initiating steps for a traffic study.
·         Tony Cochran and Jeanette Kranak approved as Transportation and Education Directors, respectively.
Topics Discussed:
Committee Reports: Bobbi unable to attend. Looks forward to participating in Christmas decorating competition judging. Kyndell offered to contribute to the judging.
Treasurers report: $20,019 in checking, $100 in savings, $8,074 in Fidelity.  $630 in dues to deposit. All bills paid. Town and Country provided a new estimate with an increase of $11/month.
Membership – as of annual meeting 220 residents paid (44%of residents). Website offers reminders and renewal of membership which resulted in a few payments that were applied to 2020.  Block captains are encouraged to put the word out to their blocks.
·         This was raised at the annual meeting – how to encourage and monitor payments. Scott McClure tracks the neighborhood by coordinating all income received from cash/checks/ PayPal/ wepay streams. The goal is to put this on people’s radar in the early part of the year.
·         Board suggested publishing a list of block captains on the website to enable residents to look up their block captains. Scott will track this and publish it.
Public Safety: Two instances since the annual meeting: larceny 8300 block of bound brook. Destruction of property reported also in 8300 block of bound brook. (county website lists the destruction of property on Orange Court). MVCCA public safety meeting included a presentation of Unmanned aircraft systems of Fairfax county. At this time the police department/ FCPD/ FCFD are using drones for their activities. They are working on getting certification for search/rescue capabilities. Program approved in May and they are getting it up and running.
·         Follow up from the annual meeting – Judy started working on traffic counting. In order to pursue this, there are several requirements to follow: First, this involves having RECA send a letter to the Board of Supervisors to request assistance for streets subject to review. Second, we must establish a 4-5 resident task force to support the study. Third, the county would conduct a traffic count and speed study.
·         In order to qualify for speed calming efforts there must be 500-6000 vehicles per day – 85% of the vehicles must equal or exceed 35+mph.
·         So far by observation, the signs that residents posted since the annual meeting have been effective. Judy has 4 more that are available for those who want them.
Environmental/ Planning Zoning: Sunoco Gas Station proposed at 5928 Richmond Hwy (Huntington and Route 1) and RECA voted against. Same owner as Sunoco located in National Harbor.
Covenants/ Architecture: The RV on little creek lane (3120 Little Creek Lane). Sent a letter, sent covenants, but have not heard back. Will send another letter.
·         Fence located on Bound Brook Lane was out of compliance with County Ordinance and RECA covenants. Reported to the County and a case was opened. Paul sent a letter to the resident expressing concern over putting up the fence up without securing RECA approval.
Webmaster: No updates.
Community Activities: The cookies and movie event on December 15th went very well; was located at MVHS. The event was well attended, high school provided projector and assisted with clean up. The cost was $468 – there were about 75-100 people attended. People donated cookies, sprinkles, food.
·         Upcoming events including a forthcoming and possibly monthly Knit Night. The goal is to make this event once a month located at the high school. So far there is lots of interest from residents of varying age groups.
·         January ice skating MV Rec Center – will seek group rate.
·         Friday, February 7th Father Daughter Dance will be located at MVHS.
·         Mrs. Reynolds in a certified instructor in knitting, crochet, etc. Will seek participation and possibly teaching.
Old Business:
·         Fence height is problematic for County ordinances. County has authority to get fence height reduced. Challenges with the slope/grade of the land. County has opened a case. RECA’s first step will be to allow County to pursue ordinance violation. Paul will monitor and follow up as needed.
·         There has been a reduction in the number of complaints regarding properties that are dilapidated on Wagon Wheel. To our knowledge, there are pending county court actions.
·         Bill of Particulars provided to Board. Number 4 (traffic law violation resulting in pedestrian injury) was raised as item of concern and possibly not applicable. Board elects to keep in. No further discussion sought. Board voted by secret ballot in accordance with the Bylaws. Board has voted that the Transportation Director be Removed.
·         North Entry Sign is on schedule to be installed tomorrow 12/17. (Post-meeting note:  The sign was broken by the installers while attempting to erect.  A new sign has to be created and the install date is TBD.)
New Business:
·         RECA moves to formally request for Superviser Storck to assist with traffic study to determine if selected streets should be subject to traffic calming measures as required by the Residential Traffic Administration Program. Unanimous Approval.
·         Committee Chairs: Transportation Director Tony Cochrane. Education Chair Jeanette Kranak.
Action Item:
·         Scott will track block captains and publish information.
·         Kyndell will follow up with Mrs. Reynolds in January about knitting monthly event.
·         Bob will draft and send a letter to Supervise Storck to formally request a study for traffic.
·         Bob will send a note to MVCCA about Tony Cochrane serving as new Transportation Director and Jeanette Kranak as Education Chair.
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