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MVCCA stormwater issues Survey
Posted on Aug 30th, 2021

Dear RECA Members
Please consider providing your input to the below Mount Vernon Council of Citizens' Associations (MVCCA) online survey about stormwater issues. The survey can be accessed by clicking on the following hyperlink:
Since MVCCA established the Special Committee on Stormwater, the group has pursued a better understanding of stormwater issues in the Mount Vernon District.  Aiming to rectify existing problems, to forestall current construction efforts that worsen issues, and to pursue changes to existing laws, regulations, and "best practices" to avoid future issues, the committee has heard from State and County staff on its areas of responsibility and the problems it faces, and taken independent subject matter experts on a tour of several properties experiencing stormwater problems.  Through these learning efforts, MVCCA has found that stormwater problems result from many causes and have various solutions.
MVCCA's most recent effort - through the hard work of our neighbors in Westgrove - has been the development of a survey to collect specific data from those experiencing problems.  This will permit us to more accurately categorize problems and establish a database supporting solutions from State/county officials.  
If you have any questions, please contact me at special
The committee appreciates your help in this effort, and we are hopeful that our efforts will lead to beneficial improvements.
Leo Milanowski
MVCCA Special Committee on Stormwater
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