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RECA Monthly Meeting April 19, 2021
Posted on May 18th, 2021

RECA Monthly Meeting  
April 19, 2021 
Prepared by Brandi Graham Pensoneau 
Members Present:  Stephen Kuhn, Dale Moore, Scott McClure, Kyndell Hatjis, Judy Joyce, Mike Cilladi, Lindsay Cochran, Brandi Pensoneau, Danny Weichert, Paul Evans, Marcel Rousseau 
Old Business:  
  • March minutes approved. 
  • Treasurer’s report approved. 
Treasurer's Report:  Lindsay Cochran 
Checking:  $24, 602.68 
Savings:  $103.85 
Fidelity:  $8,105.63 
Old Business:   
  • Lindsay researched costs for proposed picnic tables for the open lot.  Uline sells 8’ wooden tables and the cost for 5 tables is about $1,600, which includes shipping.  They are unassembled and will need to be sanded and stained. Judy has a friend who may be able to accept delivery and will work with Lindsay on it.  An email blast will be made to neighbors to get people together to build the tables, so that no one person is carrying the work-load.  Kyndell suggested we make it a community event, have Brandi get a food truck and use a generator to assemble the tables at the open lot. 
  • A motion to purchase the tables was made and passed unanimously. 
  • Fidelity Account:  Lindsay will go over to Tom’s to have the account switched over.  She will get history on why we have the fidelity account in the first place.  Is there a different type of account to move these funds to that will give us a better return?  Was the account inherited?  
  • The crosswalk issue by the high school is still being looked into.  Steve reached out to VDOT, but they haven’t returned his calls. Crossing guards will only cross children, not adults. Steve will ask Lisa to reach out the Mt. Vernon district commander about crossing guard responsibilities.  Additionally, Mike reached out to Diego Cabrerra, the transportation aide for Supervisor Stork.  Steve will follow up with Diego again to see if we can get some movement on it.  Kyndell noted when the crossing guard has police lights flashing drivers comply with the law.  She also suggested we apply to get a bus stop in our neighborhood to keep kids from having to cross the highway on foot. 
  • Shawn Pensoneau is going to represent RECA on the Storm Water Committee. 
Community Activities:  Kyndell Hatjis 
  • Kyndell was able to throw the Easter event at the last minute and it turned out to be a great event!  There was a lot of good feedback. 
  • Spring Fling is set for the 4th of July.  Kyndell is working with Lindsay and Brandi to schedule the Kona Ice Truck and another food truck.  RECA is paying for the Kona Truck. There will be a parade and activities.  Since there are so many moving parts to this event, Kyndell will reach out to the community for help. 
Environmental:  Judy Joyce 
The MVCCA Environment Committee met to discuss recycling.  Starting 4/20/21, plastic bags will not be allowed for yard debris and the county will be enforcing this rule.  Fairfax County has also created a tool kit to answer any questions regarding yard waste.  It can be found here.   
Planning & Zoning:  Danny Weichert 
There was discussion about relocating the 7-11 on Mt. Vernon Highway to the vacant lot next to it where the antique store used to be before it caught on fire. The new 7-11 would have a gas station. This goes against the current plans to improve the Rt. 1 corridor.  Danny sent an email to MVCCA recommending against the 7-11 plans.  MVCCA said, “if the county continues to approve non-conforming and site-specific applications, we will never reach the potential of a truly revitalized Richmond Highway corridor.”   
Membership Report:  Scott McClure  
  • On 3/18/21 invoices were emailed to RECA neighbors.   
  • There are 116 paid residents to date.  Scott is getting information out to block captains to start working on dues collections. 
  • RECA is still looking for four block captains:  (1) captain for Cherry Valley Lane between Orange Court and Battersea; (1) captain for Ramsgate Terrace and (2) captains for Orange Court. 
Public Safety:  Lisa Dutzman 
No Report Given 
Architecture:  Paul Evans 
  • 8366 Wagon Wheel:  Request to replace the retaining wall made with 5X5 timbers was approved.   
  • 3106 McGeorge:  Paver Patio approved. 
Covenants:  Fred Berry 
No Report Given 
Webmaster:  Dale Moore 
  • Updates to the calendar and email reminders for food trucks are being made regularly.   
  • Dale is looking for photos and a recap of the cleanup to post on the website.  Steve will ask Judith to forward the information. 
Transportation Report: Marcel Rousseau 
  • MVCCA transportation meeting discussed the new Storm Water Runoff Special Committee to identify and pursue remedies for the storm water problems in the district. 
  • The VDOT 2021 paving status map is now available and can be found here. 
  • The Southern George Washington Memorial Parkway Safety Study has been completed. The 300-page document discusses a “road diet,” which would limit south traffic to one lane and make another a turning lane.  It also contains traffic study and accident data, as well as road strapping and vegetation pruning that’s planned for the next year.  For more information click here. 
  • The traffic light issue during school hours has been resolved.   
Newsletter: Lindsay Cochran 
No Report Given 
New Business:  
No New Business 
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