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Sept 2019 RECA Environmental Committee Report
Posted on Sep 18th, 2019

Environmental Committee Report
Riverside Estates Civic Association
September 16, 2019
Judy Joyce, Chair
The monthly meeting of the Environment and Recreation Committee of the Mount Vernon Council of Citizens’
Associations (MVCCA) was held on Wednesday, September 4 at 7:15 pm at the Mount Vernon Government
Center Community Room. Meetings are held monthly (except for August) on the first Wednesday of the
This month’s meeting was a presentation by Tom Grala, the project manager for the Little Hunting Creek
Sanitary Replacement project. The Little Hunting Creek sanitary sewer pipe serves approximately 480 homes
and one church. This 12-inch diameter, cast-iron pipe, constructed in 1961, conveys wastewater (used water
from cooking, laundry, bathing, and flushing toilets) to a pump station and on toward a treatment plant.
The pipe, which runs beneath Little Hunting Creek between Woodland Lane and Thomas J. Stockton Parkway
for 789 feet, has developed a sag that is causing blockages and could possibly lead to pipe failure. The most
effective solution identified is to excavate and replace the damaged pipe.
Mr Grala detailed all project background, drawings, surveys, alternatives and decisions that went into the final
decision to replace the pipe and the benefits that will be received from replacement. For a complete
description of the project, please refer to

Construction was expected to have begun in May of 2019 but due to delays in obtaining easements, it still has
not begun. As of August 2019, easements have now been obtained and recorded. Documentation has been
forwarded to the regulatory agencies to continue the permit review process. The delay in obtaining easements
has resulted in a delay to the project as it could not be awarded in time for the allowable creek crossing time of
year restriction. No work is allowed in the creek during the time period of February 15 and June 30. The
project is anticipated to be bid in February 2020. Construction is scheduled to run from April 2020 to March
2021 with creek construction taking place between July 2020 and February 2021. The estimated cost of the
project is $1.2-1.6 million.
Another public meeting will be held as we get closer to construction. For any questions, please contact Tom
Grala, 703-324-5815.
For questions concerning the MVCCA’s Environment and Recreation Committee, please contact the
Committee Chair, Karen Pohorylo, .
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