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RECA Monthly Meeting Minutes
Posted on Feb 17th, 2021

RECA Monthly Meeting January 18, 2021 
Members Present: Bob Reynolds, Steve Kuhn, Dale Moore, Scott McClure, Dean Sherick, Tony Cochran, Kyndell Hatjis, Judy Joyce, Lisa Dutzman, Mike Cilladi, Lindsay Cochran, Fred Berry, Judith McNelis, Brandi Pensoneau 
Old Business: A quorum was not present for the last meeting, so the meeting did not occur.   
Treasurer's Report:  
Transition to the new treasurer is currently under way.  A full report will be given at the February 15, 2021, meeting.  
Additionally, Lindsay Cochran reached out to several landscaping companies for bids and the only company to give her one was 20K a year. It was unanimously voted on to continue with the current company at around $4,700 per year. Emphasis was put on the need for RECA to maintain the areas due to lack of consistency and response from VDOT.  
Community Activities:  
We’ve had one to two food trucks per week and have had a great response to the food trucks visiting the neighborhood. There are requests for food trucks at different times, specifically some breakfast food trucks on a Saturday. 
The MVCCA Environment Committee has a new Chairman named Christopher Morgan from Fort Hunt.  
On 12/18/2020, 50 gallons of diesel spilled into Little Hunting Creek.  This wasn’t widely reported, but the County did respond to clean up the fuel.   
River Farm received an offer to purchase their property.  In response, the committee is drafting a letter to the American Horticulture Society regarding the need to tend to some of the hardwood trees and invasive plants on the property. 
The owners of the land on Stockton Parkway have put aside their plans to build a home on stilts on the property. There is no further information. 
Planning & Zoning:  
No update 
Membership Report:  
Eight residents have paid for 2021, which are mostly duplicates from the end of last year.  All but two block captains have been filled.  The two vacancies are Ramsgate Terrace and one on Cherry Valley Lane.  Membership materials are being prepared for the block captains.  Additional membership payment options via the website are being explored, including efforts to divert people from paying twice in a calendar year. 
Transportation Report:  
This is Tony Cochran’s last meeting as Transportation Chair, as he is unable to dedicated the necessary time for the position.  He thanked everyone for the opportunity to serve as the chairman of the committee. He discussed several issues from the transportation committee, including: 
Pen Daw Fire Station relocation. 
Lenar Development Group’s update on their apartments/property just off Richmond Highway, previously known as Fenton Property. 
The N. Kings Highway Resolution improving the roadway, sidewalks, and safety aspects between Jamaica Drive and Huntington Metro Station passed by the December council and was distributed to appropriated recipients. 
The airplane noise letter requesting hiring of technical experts to pursue more detailed development of the previously identified options costing $250,000 was passed in December and distributed to appropriate recipients.  FAA was considered the only relevant source of expertise. 
In March the National Park Service will present the latest study on the George Washington Memorial Parkway. 
No update 
Board emails were updated and access to committee emails by those who head them up are accessible.  Webex emails were sent to board members. 
Updates to calendar and email alerts are being set out for upcoming food trucks. 
There is additional functionality of the website, and Dale is open to suggestions or providing assistance/tours to the website for those who are interested in learning more. 
Webmaster and membership are looking into ways to streamline annual dues that are paid online. 
No update 
Public Safety: MVCCA met on 1/7/2021.  Deputy Joe McNair and Captain Dave Barlow with the Fairfax County Fire Department reported on the 38 stations in our area and the roles they play.  Of note, calls have dropped during COVID, but they still receive the most calls for service on Sundays around 1 pm.   
There were 2 reported incidents in our neighborhood and one that was not reported since the last meeting.  
8300 Block of Orange Ct:  Domestic Dispute on 12/21/2020 
8400 Block of Cherry Valley Lane: A car smashed into two parked cars and the driver was taken away by police on 1/2/2021. This was not on the regular report and no further details are available. 
8300 Block Wagon Wheel Rd:  Abandoned Vehicle reported on 1/4/2021 
New Business:  
A FOIA request has been made to find out who made the call to have the bushes at 8405 trimmed. 
The treasurer expressed concern that we are spending what we bring in and suggest we should look into increasing dues by $15 for a total of $50 per household.  There was discussion that the dues were already voted on for this year, so the increase would have to be for next year’s dues.  There was a motion to table the issue.   
Judith McNelis is organizing the Little Hunting Creek cleanup through the Alice Ferguson Foundation for our area for April 10, 2021.  A board liaison was requested and Kendell Hatjis agreed to fill the position.  There will be a food truck scheduled for that event. 
Fred Berry agreed to take on Covenants.  He expressed concern about the house on the corner of Little Creek Lane and Battersea.  Judith McNelis and her husband agreed to serve on the committee. 
Ensuring residents are familiar with the covenants was discussed, including the best way to provide that information since the previous method of including it in the printed directory is no longer an option. 
Stephen Kuhn will prepare a write-up to be posted on the website fully explaining the reason why we choose to hire a landscaper for the entrance areas and empty lot. 
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