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October 2020 Board Meeting Minutes
Posted on Nov 19th, 2020

 October 19, 2020 
Members Present: Bob Reynolds, Scott McClure, Dean Sherick, Tony Cochran, Kyndell Hatjis, Judy Joyce, Cecilia Franceski, Lisa Dutzman, Mike Cilladi, Jeanette Kraynak, Dale Moore 
**Due to technical difficulties the Webex meeting was unable to start on time. The recording of the meeting will be available via the website** 
Old Business: September Minutes Approved 
Treasurer's Report:  
Checking:  $21,267 
Savings:  $100.00 
Fidelity:  $8,100.00 
Collected $649 in dues this year.  
Community Activities: October was a busy month due to Halloween. The goal was to do as many activities as possible. All activities were advertised via the newsletter and website: 
  • Witches ride night before Halloween. Ladies dress as witches and ride bikes to toss candy to children waiting on curb.  
  • Parade on Halloween line up at 9:30 – get out small prizes for most creative costumes to encourage participation. Meet on Wagon Wheel and parade to vacant lot. Brunch food truck will arrive for purchase at the vacant lot. No preordering available but will be ready for a crowd. Parade will be end around 10am with food truck and band.  
  • Halloween participation should be based upon individual’s comfort level. Lights on = participating; lights off = not participating.  
Environmental: Meeting combined with planning and zoning. Nothing to report.  
Education: everything going on with Fairfax public schools is changing daily. Back to school site meeting just ended and they were talking about who will go back to school and when. Some students returning to MVHS starting October 20th.  
Public Safety: Nothing on the crime map in our neighborhood for the last month. Mt Vernon Council will probably appoint new person to be chair of public safety committee.  
Membership Report: Received 224/504 residents paid dues for 2020 that’s about 45% paid. Most of the payments received online. Currently have 7 vacant block captain spots. Thanks to the newsletter, we have multiple distribution avenues for dues requests.  
Transportation Report: Nothing to report. 
Newsletter: Dale will add Lindsay Cochran to the RECABoard email address.  
Webmaster: Recently posted meeting minutes, distributed newsletter electronically, and provided tutorial of website for Community Activities Director to assist with community activities planning and outreach.  
Old Business:  
  • Traffic Calming Measures - we are waiting until normal traffic pattern resume before conducting study of traffic pattern to determine whether neighborhood qualifies for traffic calming measures.  
  • Incoming treasurer - IRS forms must be submitted. Bob will touch base with Tom Myers to get IRS tax formed filed properly.  
  • Curb paintings - Motion to get curbs painted for entire neighborhood, except anyone who doesn’t want curb painted can pick up or receive flag to prevent painting. Approved without exception. 
New Business:  
  • Annual meeting will be discussed at next meeting. Hybrid model à in person will take place at Knights of Columbus. Virtual meeting will be via WebEx. 
November 19th  
  • Board will do a dry run before the event.  
  • Regular board meeting will serve as dry run on Monday November 16th.  
  • Need to determine how to vote. Dale will evaluate potential polling options.  
  • Judy will initiate treasurer’s audit and conduct audit with Cecilia and Bob for presentation at annual meeting.  
  • Public Safety: Lisa Dutzman was unanimously voted into take over public safety director position.  
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