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May 2020 Board Meeting Minutes
Posted on Jun 9th, 2020

RECA Monthly Meeting May 18, 2020
Members Present: Bob Reynolds, Steve Kuhn, Cecilia Franceski, Scott McClure, Judy Joyce, Dean Sherrick, Tony Cochran, Bobbi Bruce, Tom Myers, Paul Evans, Jeanette Kraynak, Dale Moore
Meeting called to order at 7:45pm virtually
Treasurer's Report:
Checking:  $19,266.00
Savings:  $100.00
Fidelity:  $8100.00
Currently have $330.00 to deposit
All bills paid. Town & Country was paid for the year. Currently $1400 less than same time last year. Spent $2000 received $2,700 in dues.
Membership has been fairly stable with little activity. Scott is reaching out to block captains to push information out and encourage dues collections. At this point will encourage block captains to reach out; but bear in mind that people may not be able to pay.
·         On the way out of the neighborhood, the sign has Consider adding a little blurb to encourage dues payment.
·         Bob commented on how the boards have been nicely updated and the signs have been great. In the coming weeks, suggest adding register at to increase registration after graduation time period ends.
·         Suggest putting up something about Memorial Day. Kyndell will talk to Judith about putting up a memorial day sign. Suggest promoting flags being flown in the neighborhood. Kyndell will take that up as a community event for the month.
·         Website web address is on the north entry sign. We do not have it on the south entry sign.
Environmental: No meetings or communications
·         8426 Cherry Valley did some modifications to help water run off the property.
·         8435 Cherry Valley did some driveway improvements.
Covenants: Walking the neighborhood on a regular basis. Continue to request that Richard Cauthers make improvements on properties. Letter regarding an Ivy on two large Oak Trees 3401 Waterside sent to property owner.
·         Continue to address fence on wagon wheel and orange court. Family has applied for a zoning waiver with Fairfax county. Currently, no time/date for meeting has been scheduled. Paul has talked to Fairfax County and has also notified the residents that a county waiver does not overrule RECA covenants. Paul has notified the County that we have covenants and RECA does not support the fence building. Has request notification of time/location of hearing to voice opposition.
Transportation: Committee information is forthcoming.
Community Activities: All community gatherings are on hold due to Coronavirus.
Public Safety: Public Safety hasn’t been meeting for MVCCA. No updates on the crime map. Fairfax County Health Department has very good information on their website. Encourage people to check it out.
Community Improvements: Suggest sending out neighborhood email about putting flags out for Memorial Day.
·         Last year realtor put flags on the neighborhood at the end of driveways and it looked very nice. A realtor might be interested in doing for the entire neighborhood.
·         Parks and Recreation contacted Bob Reynolds regarding Park's closed sign. Residents' only sign was posted on one of the access points.
·         Suggest doing something for graduates. Put out flags or have graduates stand out in front of their homes and have people drive by and honk. Judy will organize the drive-by with Jeanette.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:16 pm
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