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Posted on Feb 3rd, 2019 Comments (0)
2018 Dues Collection Complete
The efforts to collect 2018 RECA resident annual dues have been completed. Thank you to the 240 RECA residents (44%) who have paid their $35 dues for 2018.
New Dues Payment Options: Online ( and PayPal
For 2019, an important improvement in dues payment methods will be available: (1) the new RECA website now has the ability to process online payments, and (2) RECA can accept payments via PayPal.
For the RECA website, registration is required, and more instructions are available at For PayPal payments, the payments can be sent to Please be sure to include your address (house number and street name) in the memo/subject section. Please consider using either method for your $35 2019 RECA annual resident dues.
2019 Dues Collection Starts Soon
Soon, the process to collect 2019 RECA annual resident dues will begin. The Block Captains will receive resident lists and instructions during February. If you are living in an area where there is a vacant Block Captain position, keep an eye out for a letter or note with a request for RECA resident dues.